• Wednesday, July 11, 2018
    • Wednesday, September 26, 2018
    • 12 sessions
    • Biz By Faith Offices, 1027 S. Vandeventer Ave., 6th floor, St. Louis, MO 63110
    • 20

    Our next Entrepreneurial Training Program will equip participants with the business tools and spiritual foundation necessary to launch or grow their God-given vision.

    Chapter 1: The All Important "Why"

    • Identify your purpose/motivation behind your business or ministry
    • If God gave it to you, He meant for you to have it
    • Learn how to know and follow God’s will even through “self will disagreements”
    • Solidify your commitment to foster an ongoing, growing relationship with God
    • Analyze personal fears and obstacles to success
    • Learn most common reasons why startups fail and identify keys to overcoming

    Chapter 2: A Firm Foundation
    • Solidify WHAT exactly God has called you to do
    • Know the definitions of and differences between Vision, Mission, Values, Motto
    • Create and write your business Vision, Mission, Values Motto
    • Uncover God’s definition of Success for your business

    Chapter 3: The "Who"
    • Clarify who God has called you to be and who He has called you to serve
    • Identify your Customer/Client Pool and your Target Market
    • Create your Ideal Client Persona Profile
    • Determine your business Niche
    • Identify your primary competition
    • Identify your Management Team
    • Define Roles, Duties and Responsibilities
    • Learn about issues related to HR and hiring employees

    Chapter 4: How (The Nuts and Bolts)
    • Answer the “How” “Where” and “When” of your business
    • Identify areas of imbalance and how to achieve Godly balance in business and life
    • Determine the best legal structure for your business

    Chapter 5: Branding
    • Dig deep to determine your true business personality: strengths, likes and dislikes
    • Select the best angle for your brand
    • Identify and create products and packaging that sell 

    Chapter 6: Spread the News (Marketing)
    • Draft your own 60 second commercial / elevator pitch
    • Learn about the purpose of a Marketing Plan and its components
    • Complete your Market Analysis
    • Explore Advertising media; Also PR and Social Media
    • Develop a marketing strategy for your business
    • Business Integrity and the importance of good character

    Chapter 7: Money Matters - Pricing
    • Learn how to accurately price your products and services
    • Learn how to properly account for overhead costs

    Chapter 8: Money Matter - Budgeting
    • Create Startup and Operating Budgets for first 3 years

    Chapter 9: Money Matters - Managing Money
    • Learn how to properly manage your cash flow through lean times and prosperity
    • Learn how to manage your business day-to-day bookkeeping
    • Accurate financial reporting and record-keeping

    Chapter 10: Money Matters - Funding
    • Learn about financing your business and funding options
    • Learn how to create business credit
    • Working with investors

    Chapter 11: Protecting the Vision
    • Licensing, permits and all things legal
    • Copyright, Trade/Service Marks, Patents, etc.
    • Insurance and Liability
    • Your business forms and contracts
    • Taxes and the IRS

    Chapter 12: Setting Up Shop (Running Your Business)
    • Keeping up with clients (CRM, databases, other mailing/contact systems)
    • Administrative Support
    • Business Resources; Tools and Tips

    Chapter 13: Serving Your Way To Success
    • Giving back in your business: Financially, In Service to the Kingdom, Mentoring (paying it forward)
    • Looking Back (review of all 12 sessions)
    • Looking Ahead (continued support and fellowship; networking)



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