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Making Million Dollar Companies

by helping entrepreneurs
fulfill their God-given purpose


You can consider us your Christian Entrepreneurial University! Through our annual membership, we help aspiring entrepreneurs gain the training, tools, resources, and support needed to launch.


Then we provide Advanced Training, Business Coaching, Administrative Services, and Community Support to help small businesses hit the million dollar mark.



Our vision is to see Christian entrepreneurs using their God-given businesses to positively impact the community as a witness of Christ. (Matthew 5:14-16).

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 Too many Christians are sitting passively in the pews, perishing
with purpose unfulfilled. That is not the Kingdom Jesus preached! We believe it's time to take Christians from the pews and into purpose. 

Membership includes up to 50 hours per year of your choice of a combination of Training, Coaching, and Services.




Foundational and 
Advanced Training

There are Several foundational areas that are essential for every entrepreneur, in every industry, to know. There are also additional areas specific to certain industries, or particular stages of development. All of these are available to members.


One of the biggest indicators of business success is coaching, however very few entrepreneurs receive it! We hope to change that, and provide professional business coaching to help our members reach their goals. 



You're good at what you do, maybe the best. But there are probably important areas in your business that you either aren't the best, don't like, or simply can't find time to do. Back-office support can be a business saver. Fortunately, it's included in membership.




What Our Clients Say

Zana Scott

Owner & Head Designer

My coach is THAT business coach and mentor I've been looking for.  She speaks my language,  understands my struggles and gives sound advice that I can apply to my business that produces results.

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Will Jordan

Executive Director

I used to have papers, client
contact information, bills and receipts in piles of paper in a corner of my office. Then we found Biz By Faith. Now our non-profit has a filing system, database, website, and someone to keep our books.
All at a price we can afford!

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Derrick Cribbs


I really learned a lot about business, giving me a good foundation for my IT company. But what I loved was that I could learn about business as it related to my faith. THAT was priceless!

Cribbs    IT    Consulting

The road to the million dollar mark starts with one step of faith. Then you keep walking.

Let us help you on your Faith Walk