(B.A.S.I.C. Faith Walkers, that's who)

Brothers And Sisters In Christ, who walk by Faith in Jesus

It can be scary to walk by faith in business, but as Christians, that's exactly how we are called to live our ENTIRE lives, not just run our businesses. 


Missouri Nonprofit Corporation

Exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3)

Who Is Biz By Faith

Biz By Faith is itself a small business, consisting of a small group of dedicated staff and a host of partners, supporters and volunteers who assist us in the work of this ministry. From inception, it has operated as a ministry, offering most of its services free of charge or at very affordable rates.

Supporting Unity in the Church

Biz By Faith defies man-imposed boundaries within the Body of Christ. We believe God chose St. Louis as its starting location in part because the area is particularly segmented along racial and socioeconomic lines. These same divisions are seen within the Church. In addition, the Church also tends to draw lines between denominations and even biases from one church house to the next.  

We believe Jesus is returning for ONE Church, which is the Body of Christ. Biz By Faith at its heart desires that we the Body come together now, in partnership, in worship, in unity. For this reason, one of Biz By Faith's core values is to be intentional about crossing lines within the Church. 


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Good News to the Christian Entrepreneur

​​If God gave you a vision for a business, we believe He is calling you to a specific purpose and has fully equipped and gifted you to fulfill His purpose.  We also believe the scripture is true, that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. Meaning, He did not make a mistake, and He is not going to change His mind. On the contrary! He is faithful to bring about the very thing He has spoken to your heart.​  

God really does have a plan for every aspect of your life - including your business. As with every aspect of this Christian walk, we must walk by faith. Biz By faith exists to walk with you.​ If you're ready to start your journey, attend an upcoming class or training event, or contact us today.

Vision &  Mission

Our Vision is to see lives and communities transformed through God-inspired entrepreneurs.

Our Mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible around the world launch and grow successful businesses.

We accomplish this by providing world-class, essential Business Development Services (BDS) including training, coaching and support services.


  • UNITY:  One Body, across denominations, races, socio-economic status

  • SERVICE:  In business as the Kingdom, to serve the under-served

  • WITNESS:   Boldly proclaiming our faith in Jesus Christ as the head of our lives AND our businesses.

  • INTEGRITY:  Humbly submitting ourselves and our businesses to the accountability of the Body.