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We're B.A.S.I.C.    ~  How 'bout you?


For our "Brothers And Sisters In Christ," you're BASIC too!

Despite the things that separate us, at our core, we are all BASIC. And when brothers and sisters in Christ, from every part of the Body, can live life and do business together, we are truly a community.

Community That Connects

Through months of BBF training and coaching, solopreneurs share their lives and their business aspirations. They form connections, partnerships, and friendships that last a lifetime.


We foster those relationships by helping BBF entrepreneurs form small Community Groups.

Community Groups provide a safe place to share struggles and successes in operating a business. Group members pray for and encourage one another while also serving as a place for accountability to spur one another on to reach their goals. Finally, group members actively refer business, contacts and opportunities to other group members. 

Community That Contributes

In addition to the fellowship of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, new startups can also benefit from the advice, example, support, and encouragement contributed by successful and established Christian entrepreneurs.  Biz By Faith helps the successful and the aspiring connect through Community.

Community That Serves

Biz By Faith entrepreneurs know that their God-given business isn't just for their own benefit. We help Community Groups determine and execute service projects within members' areas of expertise. This allows entrepreneurs to give back while showcasing their skills and business to the larger community. These projects are tangible opportunities to share the love of Christ.


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