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Making million dollar companies by helping entrepreneurs fulfill their God-given vision.

My Story

Founder Nancy M Jordan, JD
Washington University School of Law

I too know how scary it can be to walk by faith in business, but as Christians, that's exactly how we are called to live our ENTIRE lives, not just our businesses. 


Like many Christians, I had a tendency to separate out different aspects of my life:

  • family life, 

  • work life, 

  • church life, etc.  


At the time, I didn't understand that wasn't how God saw me. To Him, I was His child and He wanted to be in control of my WHOLE life.​ So when everything I put my hand to in business seemed to fail, I decided to turn "that part" of my life over to Him. I remember telling God "I don't want to do anything ever again in life except what You have called me to do."  I didn't know what that was then, but I was willing to wait on the Lord.

Waiting on God

In the meantime, I spent my time doing what I loved to do: volunteering at my church and helping my husband and friends start, build or run the business or ministry God had given them. This help often came in the form of designing the look of the business: its logo, business cards, brochures. I also really enjoyed making sure they had the tools they needed to run efficiently: contracts, forms, list of services, client database, a website, a good bookkeeping system, etc. I found that while so many were truly good at whatever gift God had given them, they weren't good at or confident about the many administrative tasks that came with running a business.

I was happy to help! I was happy to see God move in so many people's lives and loved seeing them fulfill purpose. I was also excited about what God would reveal for me. I remember asking God, "I seem to be good at helping everyone else, when are you going to give me my business?" He answered that helping other people IS my business! Amazingly, that had never occurred to me before, but once I got this revelation, I was off like a rocket! 

When I thought I was just "playing around" at helping people - you know, while I was waiting on God - God gave me  the name Biz By Faith and I thought, "Wow, what a cool side ministry of helping people this is! I can't WAIT to see what God has in store for my REAL career!" So when He said helping people IS my career, I praised and thanked the Lord... then promptly ignored Him as I got busy putting together my plan for making it all happen. After all, I was a licensed attorney. According to everyone, including myself, I was skilled, creative, gifted and smart. I was able to do anything I put my mind to. Right?

Supporting Unity in the Church

Biz By Faith defies man-imposed boundaries within the Body of Christ. We believe God chose St. Louis as its starting location in part because the area is particularly segmented along racial and socioeconomic lines. These same divisions are seen within the Church. In addition, the Church also tends to draw lines between denominations and even biases from one church house to the next.  

We believe Jesus is returning for ONE Church, which is the Body of Christ. Biz By Faith at its heart desires that we the Body come together now, in partnership, in worship, in unity. For this reason, one of Biz By Faith's core values is to be intentional about crossing lines within the Church. 


Click here for more about our Values, Vision and our Mission.


Good News to the Christian Entrepreneur

​​If God gave you a vision for a business, we believe He is calling you to a specific purpose and has fully equipped and gifted you to fulfill His purpose.  We also believe the scripture is true, that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. Meaning, He did not make a mistake, and He is not going to change His mind. On the contrary! He is faithful to bring about the very thing He has spoken to your heart.​  

God really does have a plan for every aspect of your life - including your business. As with every aspect of this Christian walk, we must walk by faith. Biz By faith exists to walk with you.​

Let's go!

Vision &  Mission

Our Vision is to see Christian
entrepreneurs using their God-given
businesses to positively impact the
community as a witness of Christ.

Our Mission is to prepare solopreneurs for launch, then help startups reach the million dollar mark within three years.

We accomplish this by providing world-class, essential Business Development Services (BDS) through an affordable annual membership program.


  • UNITY:  One Body, across denominations, races, socio-economic status

  • SERVICE:  In business as the Kingdom, to serve the under-served

  • WITNESS:   Boldly proclaiming our faith in Jesus Christ as the head of our lives AND our businesses.

  • INTEGRITY:  Humbly submitting ourselves and our businesses to the accountability of the Body.