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"I will bless you... and you will be a blessing to others." Genesis 12:2

Volunteers That Give Back

  • ASPCA 

  • Homeless Shelter

  • Neighborhood Cleanup

Aspiring Christian Entrepreneurs

There are so many great places to volunteer and to give, its sometimes hard to decide where or how. At Biz By Faith, we create opportunities to give within your area of expertise, no additional skill or aptitude required.

If you would like to give back by volunteering your time and expertise in service to aspiring Christian entrepreneurs with Biz By Faith, you can do so as a TRAINER, COACH, BUSINESS ASSISTANT or as a DONOR (for those desiring to give back through donating to support an under-served aspiring entrepreneur, please visit our Pay It Forward page).


TRAINERS: Seasoned entrepreneurs who have achieved business success in an area can choose to share their expertise to those participating in BBF training programs. It could be marketing or merchandising; getting new leads, or successfully leading a team, or another area of your choice. Volunteers can serve for a few  hours, or for a 12-week Lean Start course. The flexibility is tremendous! The reward is PRICELESS.


COACHES: Whether you are a licensed coach or a coach at heart, experienced entrepreneurs are often the best candidates to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach their goals.


BBF coaches receive training in our special coaching methodology, then, based on experience, serve as mentors, assistants, or full coaches in our Coaching program.


BUSINESS ASSISTANTS: a big part of our successful training programs is the individual attention given to participants. In addition to the expert trainers, it is crucial that there are also encouraging assistants on hand to help guide participants through the rigors of the program.


Volunteer business assistants are invaluable additions to the work of BBF.


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