Your business needs its own phone number. With Biz By Faith's Full Phone Service, you can keep personal and business calls separate, all on your existing cell phone. Get yours today and start enjoying tomorrow. FUNdamental plan plus:



  • Industry Low Prices:  You won't pay for the whole year up front like our competitors. Enjoy unlimited minutes and all of our features for a low monthly rate, and no contract. 
  • Business Voicemail:  Keep business messages separate from personal. All messages automatically sent to your email with a convenient attachment. 
  • Virtual Fax:  Send and receive from your personal email account, disguised as your business profile. 
  • Auto-Attendant:  If you prefer an automated-answer, you can have one of our professional receptionists record a custom greeting to welcome every caller.
  • Unlimited Extensions:  Give employees or departments extensions with their own call-forwarding rules. 
  • Upgrade-able:  When your business grows beyond your ability to answer your own calls, Biz By Faith is ready to answer calls for you for as little as $5 more per month.


Full Phone

Price Options
Full Phone
FUNdamental plan + faxing, auto-attendants, extensions, more
$15.00monthly/ auto-renew