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Virtual Mailing & Registered Agent Services

Serving as a registered agent and mailing address for your business

Many solo-preneurs don't need a physical office. But that causes a dilemma:

  • On one hand, the Secretary of State requires an address in public filings.

  • At the same time, you don't want to use and give out your home address.

What to do?

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You can utilize Biz By Faith's Registered Agent services!

We can receive legal mail on your behalf. We will open, scan to a secure shared folder, then notify you that you have mail. No fuss, no paper mess, no worries!

Just $50 for a whole year of Registered Agent service.


If you wish to use an address for all of your business mailing needs, not just legal mail, then our Virtual Mailing Address service is for you.

Virtual Mailing Address

  • Safer than using your home address

  • better than a PO Box

  • spam filtering

  • we can receive packages and deliveries

  • PLUS - we can also serve as your Missouri Registered Agent if so desired, at no additional charge.

Step 1: Choose Your Service

Decide which service works best for you and your business, EITHER the

  1. Registered Agent service, OR

  2. Virtual Mailing Address service (which includes Registered Agent services for FREE).

Step 2: Fill Out One Agreement

Download and complete EITHER the

  • Registered Agent agreement, OR

  • Virtual Mailing Address agreement.


Return completed form to



Step 3: Purchase Your Plan

What's Next

Once you complete your payment and our Services Agreement, we will contact you to confirm and finalize your details, then you will be ready to use Biz By Faith as your Mailing Address and/or Missouri Registered Agent.


We are so grateful you've chosen to partner with us! Let us know if you have any questions.