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Administrative Support Services to help your business

Virtual Assistant Services

Whether God recently gave you a vision for a business or you've been operating one for some time now, you may need help managing your day-to-day administrative responsibilities so that you can be free to concentrate on fulfilling the purpose to which you've been called. 

We can help.

Biz By Faith can be your Virtual Assistant and provide the support your small business needs without the expense and overhead of hiring staff. We can professionally answer your phones, pay your bills, design your brochures and advertisements, and manage your calendar and appointments; all Virtually!  Meaning from our location, not yours, saving you the cost of renting or purchasing office space you don't need.

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do For You?


Your Virtual Assistant can do almost anything an on-site assistant can do - and more! Why? Because in a physical office you are usually limited to the skill-set of a single employee, versus the team of administrative professionals available to you virtually through Biz By Faith.


You're good at what you do.  We can help with almost all of the rest.  Here is just a sample of the tasks our team can perform for you virtually:

  • Appointment Setting

  • Basic Bookkeeping

  • Business Formation and Filings (LLC, Corporations, 501(c)(3) Applications)

  • Business Phone (Fax) Number

  • Calendar Management

  • Client Intake

  • Content Creation (for flyers, websites, blogs, newsletters)

  • Contract Creation and Business Forms / Legal Documents

  • Customer/Client Database Maintenance

  • Customer Support Services (online or by phone)

  • Data Entry, Analytics, and Management

  • Debt Collection

  • Document Formatting and Proofreading

  • Email Management

  • Event Registration Management

  • Graphic Design Services: Brochures, Newsletters, Advertisements & Fliers, Logos, Business cards, Stationary

  • HR Support (policy manuals, interview questions, first round interviews, job descriptions, HR checklist)

  • Legal Support Services

  • Marketing Support

  • Newsletter Setup and Management

  • Online Research & Analysis Services

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Real Estate Support Services

  • Report Preparation & Creation

  • Social Media Management

  • Strategic Advising

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Virtual Reception Services

  • Website Hosting, Design, Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization

  • Word Processing, i.e. typing, transcribing, correspondence and email, etc.

Don't see what you need?


Yes, we perform administrative miracles, but we can't possibly list them all.
Please ask if you need something you don't see above.

Our Most Popular

Services and Packages

Virtual Assistant Packages

Customize your package with the administrative services that best meet your business needs. Contact us to design your custom package and schedule a free trial.





You Talk

No one knows your business like you do, so we want to hear from you, the expert! Schedule a quick phone call to tell us all about your project, what you want, and what results you need. 


We Listen

We really do! We listen carefully to you, the expert, and make sure we understand. We also ask the right questions to help you give us good information. 


You Get Results

Your projects and tasks will be completed on time and to your specifications. But we strive for more. We aren't satisfied with good. We work to get the WOW. Let us wow you. 

Book now or call (314) 244-3558 and talk to a friendly consultant to discuss your custom virtual assistant package.

VA Package Consultation
20 min
Free Phone Call




Use us a little...
Your custom Virtual Assistant package includes trained, US based, professional Virtual Assistants. Your VAs can help you with one job/one time, a repeating task every now and again, or regularly scheduled recurring tasks. You only pay for  work performed, NOT bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, sick days, or checking email and Facebook!

Or use us a lot.
Our team can handle almost all of your small business needs, short of turning the lights off for you at night! 

Real help is real close.

In fact, just three steps away.

Business Phone Number

Full Phone

Full Phone

Your business needs its own phone number.


With Biz By Faith's Business Phone Number Service, you can keep personal and business calls separate, all on your existing cell phone.

Get yours today and start enjoying tomorrow.


  • Industry Low Prices:  You won't pay for the whole year up front like our competitors. Enjoy unlimited minutes and all of our features for a low monthly rate, and no contract. 

  • Business Voicemail:  Keep business messages separate from personal. All messages automatically sent to your email with a convenient MP3 file. 

  • Virtual Fax:  Send and receive from your personal email account, disguised as your business profile. 

  • Auto-Attendant:  If you prefer an automated-answer, you can have one of our professional receptionists record a custom greeting to welcome every caller.

  • Unlimited Extensions:  Give employees or departments extensions with their own call-forwarding rules. 

  • Upgrade-able:  When your business grows beyond your ability to answer your own calls, Biz By Faith is ready to answer calls for you for as little as $20 per month.


Virtual Receptionist Services

Virtual Receptionist Services
From $20

The Problem

  • Voice-mail and answering machines portray an unprofessional image.

  • Potential customers reaching automation call a competitor to get the product or service they need.

  • Current clients often call you while you are busy with other aspects of your business.

The Biz By Faith Solution

  • Voice-mail and answering machines portray an unprofessional image.

  • Potential customers reaching automation call a competitor to get the product or service they need.

  • Current clients often call you while you are busy with other aspects of your business.

We offer Virtual Receptionist packages of all sizes for every small business. Plus, a FREE trial!

Every business is different. We want to get to know you and the needs of your business. We want you to get to know us as well. We find no better way than a free test drive.

Our free trials are for a full week. Set-up is easy: call today, start tomorrow.  No tricks, no gimmicks. We won't even take payment information.  After your trial period, YOU decide if you want to continue service before you are ever charged.

Call us at (314) 244-3558 to setup your free trial.

Or get started with a monthly plan without a trial. Simply select your package below, we'll call you to confirm you details. Then sit back and rest assured that every caller is treated like royalty, every time.

Domain, Email and Web Services

Business Domain and Unlimited Matching Email Bundle: $50 Annually

Web Design Services starting at $250




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