get involved:


"I will bless you... and you will be a blessing to others." Genesis 12:2

Volunteer To Become A Superhero To An
Aspiring Christian Entrepreneur

P2P volunteer flyer.png

Ways To Engage:

  1. Pews To Purpose Champion:

    • Join the private FB group

    • Read posts, offer feedback & encouragement;

    • Share from your experiences when applicable

    • Commitment: Select one week where you can commit to visit the group at least 3 days that week.

  2. Pitch Perfecter:

    • Pitch Parties happen on the last Thursday or Friday of each month

    • Entrepreneurs present their elevator pitch to you, the P2P Pitch Perfecter;

    • Perfecters help “perfect” their pitch by providing feedback, suggestions & encouragement

    • Commitment: Select the month you would like to volunteer; Pitch Parties last approx. 1.5 hrs; you will listen to and help perfect 6-8 pitches.

  3. Pitch Party Sponsor

    • Provide goodies and gifts to that month’s participants

    • Could be in the form of: * Swag & other giveaways, * Gift Certificates * Discounts for products or services