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Trustworthy Training

One of the ways entrepreneurs can increase the likelihood of 

  1. actually launching a business,

  2. having that business exist beyond 5 years, and 

  3. earning 6 figures annually in that business,

is to receive sound, quality, training.


For Christians, the best training is based on and incorporates the Word of God. The Bible has a lot to say about business success! Those truths have been helping saved and unsaved alike succeed for centuries.


Biz By Faith's training program exposes participants to business tools used at exclusive and top universities, and provides learners at all levels practical knowledge on how to use them to succeed.


Whether you need to uncover the vision God has placed inside of you or think through an idea for expanding an existing business, we've got you covered. 


Aspire Prep Program


This introductory level course is designed to help the aspiring Christian entrepreneur move from the pews and step into purpose. It helps you clarify the vision God has placed in your heart; write your Purpose, Mission, and Vision Statements; and identify and overcome the obstacles that have kept you from stepping out into the business or ministry God has called you to create.

Lean Intensive Course


For entrepreneurs needing to think through a business idea, whether for a new startup or for business expansion, the Lean Canvas tool is revolutionizing how that is done. Biz By Faith's Lean Intensive Course teaches you how to use the tool to:

  • see your entire business idea on one page, 

  • identify and evaluate the risk areas in your idea, 

  • test those areas with actual customers early, before investing a lot of time and money, and finally

  • repeat the process and refine until you have a revised model that now has optimal opportunity for success.

The Lean Start Program (*Best Place to Start!)

Our flagship Lean Start Program combines the best of Aspire and Lean Canvas in one 12 week, 24 hour course - but so much more! We add business basics needed for launch, including 

  • how to choose your best legal structure and incorporate,

  • understanding and creating your startup and operating budgets,

  • developing your branding, advertising and marketing strategy as well as your operating plan.

Every participant finishes with a 6-10 page Business Model and Financial Projections Report. The course culminates in a showcase graduation so that we can herald your new venture to our community partners and your friends, family and customers.


Extended Training Topics


There are certain things every entrepreneur needs to know to grow, scale and flourish. Our Extended Training Topics are tried and true areas of information crucial for a solid business foundation. 

  • Financial Plan (the Business Plan series)

  • Marketing Plan (the Business Plan series)

  • Management Plan (the Business Plan series)

  • The Full Business Plan: Pulling it All Together (the Business Plan series)

  • Patents, Trademarks, Licenses, & All Things Legal

  • Human Resources & All Things Staffing

  • Leadership & Culture: From Boss to Servant Leader

  • Business Funding

  • Your Advisory Team: Attorney, Accountant, Insurance, Mentors

  • Website Design and Development

  • Sales & Scale: The Keys to Business Growth

  • Processes, Procedures & Systems That Work 

  • Max the Tax for Small Businesses

Additional Training Areas

There are other areas that are industry specific, or of interest at different stages of business development. As our pool of experienced professional trainers increases, so will our training offerings.

  • The Business of Nonprofits and Understanding Tax Exemption

  • Certifications: MBE, WBE, Low Income (Section 3)

  • Real Estate and Managing a Brick & Mortar

We have classes starting all the time. Please visit our Event page for our latest offerings and to join in.


We have classes starting all the time. Please visit our Event page for our latest offerings and to join in.

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